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Mystery or Adventure Books for Kids


Kids Mystery Books is not just another website where you will find a lot of books for sale. Kids Mystery Books is all about the name of this site. I feature action adventure or mystery books that are written for kids who want to let their imaginations run wild as they read these exciting action packed adventure or mystery books; some mysterious, some insightful, some scary, but, every one an adventure!

I'm so excited to be able to share my book, "Fort Comradery, The Secret Fort" with you! Meet Joe, Mike, Jim and Samantha as they embark on an exciting, dangerous adventure, loaded with mystery, action and intrigue that brings them face to face with two bungling burglars, and takes them on the ride of their lives!

The characters in my books are based on real kids - like you, that I have known. And all of the characters and each of the action adventures or mystery books is based on a real location, and relate to an event or events that have occurred with each of the characters.

Reading is a magical adventure, and my action packed mystery or adventure books will make you feel as though you are right there with the characters. And, since the characters are all kids like you, you may even begin to think that the people in the action mysteries or adventures could be someone you know. You might even feel like you could actually be one of the characters in the book. If you've ever met me and told me about some fabulous adventure you've experienced, well, who knows. The characters in one my books could actually be you! Even if it isn't you or one of your brothers or sisters or a friend of yours, these realistic, action packed mysteries or adventures will still make you feel like you are part of the story.

Although my books are mostly for children, many adults love reading the action packed mysteries and adventures of the kids in my books. I've been told that adults love these mysteries or adventures because they too, in fact, had similar situations when they were younger. My kids action adventure or mystery books lets the adult reader go back to a time when life was carefree and fun. Adults often buy an online copy of my action adventure mystery book for themselves so they can read it anytime or anywhere; on their computer, Nook Book, or Kindle and have fun with action packed reading, experience a touch of nostalgia or simply escape from the rigors of daily life. Many adults also use my books to help them stay close and in touch with their own kids.

I hope you'll take some time to explore to learn more about me, meet the characters in my book, learn to write a mystery of you own, read the fun facts, and learn some tricks of the trade. Please invite your parents and teachers to read my web site, too. In fact, there's a button for them to click on to view a page just for them.

I hope you enjoy "Fort Comradery, The Secret Fort."

Keep on reading because, "Reading is Magic!"

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kids mystery, or adventure books